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ID CVSS Shrnutí Aktualizace Publikováno
Access of Uninitialized Pointer in GitHub repository radareorg/radare2 prior to 5.7.0.
21.5.2022 21.5.2022
Solana solana_rbpf before 0.2.29 has an addition integer overflow via invalid ELF program headers. has a panic via a malformed eBPF program.
21.5.2022 21.5.2022
Gitblit 1.9.2 allows privilege escalation via the Config User Service: a control character can be placed in a profile data field, such as an emailAddress%3Atext '\n\trole = "#admin"' value.
21.5.2022 21.5.2022
A Path Traversal vulnerability in Gitblit 1.9.3 can lead to reading website files via /resources//../ (e.g., followed by a WEB-INF or META-INF pathname).
21.5.2022 21.5.2022
The route lookup process in beego through 1.12.4 and 2.x through 2.0.2 allows attackers to bypass access control. When a /p1/p2/:name route is configured, attackers can access it by appending .xml in various places (e.g., p1.xml instead of p1).
21.5.2022 21.5.2022